Agression in Dachshund’s

In this two part article we are going to look at the Dachshund temperament and then later how to control aggression in Dachshund’s The Dachshund Temperament Dachshunds are independent. Dachshunds are loving. Dachshunds are playful. Dachshunds are aggressive. How can … Continue reading →

What Accessories should I get for my Dachshund?

Just got yourself your first Dachshund?  You’re going to need some accessories – at least a basic few to make your life easier and your dachshund’s much more enjoyable. Dachshund Leashes and Collars Leashes and collars are common accessories for … Continue reading →

How to Groom a Dachshund

In this article we are going to look at how to groom your dachshund.  We will look at the different ways to groom a smooth coat dachshund, wire hair dachshund and the long hair dachshund. Keeping your Dachshund well-groomed is … Continue reading →