How to Housebreak a Dachshund Puppy

In this article we are going to look at how to Housebreak a Dachshund Housebreaking а puppy is never easy. With Dachshunds the challenge iѕ greater than wіtһ most otһer breeds. But with patience and attentive care, it iѕ possible. … Continue reading →

Dachshund Training

In this article we are going to look at training your dachshund and some good tips on how to train your dachshund effectively. A Dachshund that gets the necessary exercise, the training process will be much easier, but even at … Continue reading →

Agression in Dachshund’s

In this two part article we are going to look at the Dachshund temperament and then later how to control aggression in Dachshund’s The Dachshund Temperament Dachshunds are independent. Dachshunds are loving. Dachshunds are playful. Dachshunds are aggressive. How can … Continue reading →

What Accessories should I get for my Dachshund?

Just got yourself your first Dachshund?  You’re going to need some accessories – at least a basic few to make your life easier and your dachshund’s much more enjoyable. Dachshund Leashes and Collars Leashes and collars are common accessories for … Continue reading →

What should a Dachshund eat?

We’re now going to take a look at what Dachshund’s like to eat and what is good for them.  We’ll also take a look at what not to feed your Dachshund. Despite the sometimes frantic comments of advocates of ‘natural’ … Continue reading →

Avoiding Spinal Problems in Dachshund’s

In this article we are going to look at spinal problems that dachshunds may face, the risks and what you can do to avoid these problems.  We’ll also take a look at treating these spinal problems. Spinal Problems in Dachshunds. … Continue reading →

How to Groom a Dachshund

In this article we are going to look at how to groom your dachshund.  We will look at the different ways to groom a smooth coat dachshund, wire hair dachshund and the long hair dachshund. Keeping your Dachshund well-groomed is … Continue reading →

Vaccinating your Dachshund

Vaccinating your Dachshund – Vaccines are an essential tool in keeping your Dachshund healthy, but a few do carry some risk of allergic reaction. Knowing which vaccinations are vital and which are optional can help improve your odds of doing … Continue reading →