What Accessories should I get for my Dachshund?

Just got yourself your first Dachshund?  You’re going to need some accessories – at least a basic few to make your life easier and your dachshund’s much more enjoyable.

Dachshund Leashes and Collars

A Dachshund jumps up to a catch a tennis ball.

Leashes and collars are common accessories for all dog breeds. But Dachshunds are a little different than most and call for some special items that fit their unique nature.

By all means, they will need a collar. Or, more accurately, you will need one for them because they are among the most independent breeds. But because they are prone to spinal problems, a halter will be safer in most cases.

A Dachshund Halter

A halter combines a neck constraint with a chest section. The more complete wrap-around design lowers tension on the neck and gives a broad, flat area on the chest to help them and you. It helps them by lowering the pressure on any one area, such as the throat. It helps you because increasing the total area lowers the force you have to exert to control these assertive dogs.

Some models include a clip that makes it easy to attach a car seat belt to the section between the shoulder blades. That’s a great idea for those who travel with their Doxie. Dachshunds are adventurous and like to be part of everything, so they are more difficult to encourage to stay lying down.

A pet carrier for your Dachshund

For those truly difficult to control dogs, a carrier is very handy. Because of the Dachshunds relatively small size, a small plastic container is perfect. They are also less likely to harm themselves in one than with a wire carrier. Keep an eye out for any chewing behavior, though. Most don’t like being caged and eating plastic parts can lead to diarrhea.

They can get more used to being confined if they are crate trained early in life. Dachshunds love to ‘den’ and a small area all their own is often greeted warmly. Ensure it is well-padded and holds a few sturdy chew toys for dental health and to give them an outlet for all that energy.

A stimulating dog toy may also assist in distracting your dog away from unwanted behaviour, including barking and destroying your property.

Dog Balls

Balls are always a good idea for a Dachshund, but they are not retrievers. They are as likely to hold onto a ball as not. Working with them requires the right size and material. Because of their small mouths, a tennis ball is often too large. But a golf ball can represent a health risk. Look for toy balls especially designed with Doxies in mind.

The same can be said for an obstacle course, which is the perfect outdoor or indoor play arena for these high-energy animals. They are small enough that a good-sized room can accommodate a few obstacle course components like a tunnel and ramp. Ramps are preferred to steps because of the dog’s size and the likelihood of spinal problems in this breed.

Outdoor obstacle courses can include a walking platform, provided it has walls to prevent jumping off in the middle. A water slide during hot weather is perfect for this breed, especially the Long-Hair or Wire-Hair types. They love to play and hot weather taxes their thick, muscular bodies.

Dachshunds are fun, adventure-loving creatures, but they are also curious. That can lead to a great time or getting into trouble. Ensure the former and avoid the latter with the right accessories.

I’ve only named the tip of the iceberg here regarding the types of accessories you should purchase for your Dachshund.  At least it should get you started.  Do you have any other suggestions?


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